What can cause the insufficient food supply? Such as oil prices fluctuating, transport costs rising, environmental changes, reduction of arable land, or some global emergencies, and so on. But, hydroponic agriculture can effectively cope with these in a way.

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This is all due to the high efficiency, simplicity of the operator of the hydroponic growing system, and crop planting rich, without considering the characteristics of season interference, etc. It can be grown at home or operated commercially, which means almost any time, place, and crop.

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Complete Hydroponic System Sale

Complete kits. Fully functional. Size, types rich. Retail support. Factory direct. Reasonable price.

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Hydroponic Farm/ Greenhouse Setup

Local support. Free area planning, Design drawing, which for your hydroponic greenhouse & open-air farm.

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Indoor Growing System Design-Build

Smart indoor hydroponic vertical farming design & manufacturing. Good LED Grow Lights. Low-energy.


Are you looking for the best suitable hydroponic growing system? We can provide the hydroponic systems that cover almost all crops.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable hydroponic growing system. Such as the location, environment, and indoor or open-air planting of the planting area, whether to use vertical space, sufficient light or not, and so on. But the first thing to consider is the type of crop when you start a hydroponic project.

That’s because some systems can grow multiple crops, like the ebb and flow system. The NFT system is more suitable for leafy vegetables. But for the taller plants like tomato and pepper, it is most appropriate to use the DWC system more. There are also some crops such as barley, corn, and other hydroponic fodders, which require sufficient light and proper humidity by intelligent control systems.


We HYDROPONICS CHINA to summarize some of the basic information that is most suitable for hydroponic planting systems, and it has been continuously updated.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables





Fruiting Crops

Fruiting Crops

Maybe it can help you have a basic understanding of hydroponics.

Resonable Price

Factory direct, so make your purchasing price reduce, save overall input costs.

Free Planning

Planning your grow site according to the crops, environment, water, electricity, etc.

Flexible Design

You will get the best suitable design drawings and hydroponic solutions.

Complete System

Smart system, remote control, management more convenient, full-featured.


Hydroponics China can meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users.

Experience Rich

We have met thousands of crops and validated each of the planting solutions.

Hydroponic Growing System Design

Hydroponic Growing System Design Hydroponic China Supplier

Do You Know What Design HC Offer?

The design plan we provide includes many aspects:

  • Drawing design
  • Planting site design
  • Hydroponic system design (including planting system, irrigation system, waterway system, intelligent system, and other hydroponic devices)

It can not only provide comprehensive site planning and construction cost evaluation for hydroponic farms but also help customize the design and construction of indoor vertical hydroponic planting plants.
Welcome to contact us for hydroponics project cases from all over the world.

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