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Vertical Aeroponic Tower Garden

The vertical tower growing system is good equipment for planting leaf vegetables, herbs, or root vegetables. Because it looks like a pineapple, it is also called a pineapple tower.

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The Most Common Type of Aeroponic Tower System

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There is no doubt that this is the one with the highest single output among the three growing towers. It can grow 8 plants per layer, with a minimum of 48 vegetables per aeroponic tower. There are two types of irrigation – aeroponics, and hydroponics.

And it’s available in a variety of colors, perfect for home gardens, what is more, worth mentioning is that for hydroponic farming, due to its simpler irrigation system, only two pipes for water supply and return water can be used to complete the treatment of the water cycle. So it is also suitable for hydroponic greenhouses, and indoor farms.

The floor area of ​​each garden tower is similarly less than 1 square meter. It is made of durable PVC material, assembled from pieces, easy to install, and moderate in weight.
You’ll get a complete kit of aeroponics tower for sale, or the custom tower farms designed based on your growing area. This support is free until you start your order.


indoor gardening tower system for sale
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aeroponic grow tower system for sale

    Aeroponics Tower For Sale

    Our most common home garden towers have 6, 8, and 10 layers, they are the same diameter, each layer has 8 planting holes, and each planting tower can produce 48, 64, and 80 vegetables. In fact, the number of layers is just there as a reference for you, you know, it can be assembled arbitrarily.

    At present, the aeroponics towers used by customers in hydroponic greenhouses reach 12 layers, and each tower can produce 96 vegetables. This is equivalent to the output of the 16 layers of the vertical garden tower.


    aeroponic growing system grow tower for sale


    Vertical Aeroponic Tower System with Hydroponics farming HC Supplier

    The Difference Between Hydroponics & Aeroponics in Grow Towers

    The main difference is the water supply system.
    The irrigation of aeroponics is to spray atomized water into the entire planting tower through atomizing nozzles. But hydroponics, which pumped water to the top by a pump and then flows back to the bottom tank along the inner wall of the tower unceasingly.

    The aeroponics method can maintain uniform water vapor and humidity for the space in the tower, and the growth of plants is relatively better and balanced. Home hydroponic towers are also good, relatively less expensive, and do not require regular cleaning of the nozzles.

    indoor gardening tower growing system for sale

    Indoor Farming At Home

    The aeroponic growing system (including tower & bucket) can be placed indoors or around the house, like on balconies, basements, outdoors, on roofs, in the backyard, or as part of the hydroponic greenhouse is also good.

    Mostly used for home aeroponic farming, like leaf vegetable lettuce, strawberry, radish, and so on.

    The aeroponic grow tower helps the roots of the plants get more O2 and less water. This advantage can help plants reduce wastewater generation, and root rot, to save more cost and technology investment. Plants grown in aeroponic towers generally grow faster than in hydroponics, with average growth rates increasing by 20 to 30 percent. Therefore, it is very friendly to hydroponics beginners.

    How To Build A Aeroponics (Hydroponics)  Tower Garden

    How to Make This Aeroponic System at Home
    How to Make This Aeroponic indoor garden tower System at Home

    Aeroponic-Tower-Farming-Hydroponics-Chinacommercial aeroponics systems for sale buy

    The modular components of the vertical aeroponic tower are very small, which can effectively reduce the packaging volume and transportation cost. It has a simple structure combination and is easy to assemble.

    When organizing the waterway of the tower farms, it only needs to lay two water pipes to solve the problem of water circulation. The top is the water supply pipeline and the bottom is the return water pipeline. They are all connected to a public nutrient solution mixing tank. Arguably the simplest hydroponic farming project.

    Start Your Vertical Aeroponic Tower Farms Now

    aeroponic vertical farming plans

    When using an aeroponic garden tower for tower farms production, even if the hanging structure is not used and the height is not more than 3m, it can improve the output by a considerable amount. Ideal in large-scale hydroponic greenhouses, it not only reduces the complexity of installation but is also convenient at harvest time. Costs can be greatly reduced.

    Based on your site, acreage, environment, crops, and other information, we will help you provide all costs and specific item listings free of charge before the order starts. Then provide the corresponding planning drawings until your preparations are confirmed. Simple, efficient, and without any extra charges.

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