Over 30 Best Plants For Hydroponics Commercial System Guide

As we know, there are far more than 30 kinds of plants best for commercial hydroponic systems. And now, commercial hydroponic farms have been popularized and built all over the world, efforts to solve food problems for the local area.
However, for many beginners, such as customers who want to try commercial hydroponic projects, they really want to understand the situation of more hydroponic plants and the differences in hydroponic planting systems.
So, We HYDROPONICS CHINA has been producing and supplying hydroponic systems for so many years, as well as long-term cooperation with local hydroponic farm operators, to summarize some of the basic information that is most suitable for hydroponic planting systems, and it has been continuously updated.
Maybe it can help you have the most basic understanding of hydroponic agriculture, and offer the info of best hydroponics system for beginners at hydroponic greenhouses or indoor farms

How To Start Plants For Hydroponics

First of all, to understand the best plants for the different hydroponic farms.

  • Leafy Vegetables ( Yield ) : 130-200 kg/㎡,          25-35 days/cycle
  • Microgreen ( Yield ) :           150-300 kg/㎡,             7-15 days/cycle
  • Fruiting Crop ( Yield ) :                  80 kg/㎡,       100-130 days/cycle

Suitable for more than 300 varieties for reference
Farming area >100㎡, customizable per needs

Fruit&VegetableOpen-air FarmGreenhouseIndoor Plant Factory
Growth Cycle70 days40-50 days20 days
Production CyclesContinuous Harvest Times Increased More Times Than Conventional Agriculture
AdvantageIt costs less to build, It’s best where there’s plenty of sun.Can effectively avoid pests and diseases, from seasonal interference.The output increased obviously per grow area, growth cycle shortened significantly.
WeaknessRelying more on natural light, restricted by the seasons,Also relies on natural light, making the vertical space not fully utilizedConstruction costs are higher, requiring additional auxiliary equipment and light sources
Production Increase/ SQM3-5 timesMore than  5 timesSome crops can increase yields 17 times in year
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What Are The Best Plants For Hydroponics?

——  Take a look at some of the more popular hydroponic plants

► Leafy VegetablesGrowth CycleCrop-yield Assess (year)
SpinachSpinach21-30 days110-140kg/㎡
Malabar Spinachmalabar spinach21-30 days100-140kg/㎡
Red Amaranthred amaranth25-35 days85-100kg/㎡
Amaranth LeavesAmaranth Leaves25-35 days85-100kg/㎡
Mustard GreensMustard Greens20-26 days45-60kg/㎡
Lettucelettuce25-28 days95-125kg/㎡
CeleryCelery60-80 days64-80kg/㎡
Kalekale30-40 days80-100kg/㎡
Collard GreensCollard Leaves30-50 days70-90kg/㎡
RomaineRomaine30-55 days110-130kg/㎡
Bok Choybokchoy20-30 days50-70kg/㎡
Sorrelsorrel20-40 days45-60kg/㎡
RapiniRapini28-37 days45-60kg/㎡
Swiss Chardswiss chard30-40 days120-140kg/㎡
EndiveEndive45-60 days80-100kg/㎡
► HerbsGrowth CycleCrop-yield Assess (year)
Rosemaryrosemary90-180 days20-30kg/㎡
CorianderCoriander20-30 days200-300kg/㎡
Mintmint45-60 days130-180kg/㎡
BasilBasil25-40 days150-200kg/㎡
ParsleyParsley45-60 days60-100kg/㎡
► MicrogreensGrowth CycleCrop-yield Assess (year)
Sunflower MicrogreenMicrogreen Sunflower4-6 days1700-2500kg/㎡
Microgreen Purple CabbageMicrogreen Purple Cabbage5-7 days1000-1500kg/㎡
Microgreen BeetrootMicrogreen Beetroot5-10 days1000-1500kg/㎡
Microgreen White RadishMicrogreen White Radish5-7 days1700-2500kg/㎡
Microgreen Purple RadishMicrogreen Purple Radish4-5 days292-365kg/㎡
WatercressWatercress7-10 days243-410kg/㎡
Arugula SproutsArugula sprouts7-10 days250-300kg/㎡
Grass FodderGrass Fodder4-6 days2000-2500kg/㎡
► Fruiting CropsGrowth CycleCrop-yield Assess (year)
Green Peppergreen pepper40-60 days156-170kg/㎡
Cherry Tomatoescherry tomato40-50 days66-82kg/㎡
Thai ChilliThai chilli50-80 days37-60kg/㎡
Bell PeppersBell Peppers45-60 days180-250kg/㎡
Cucumbercucumber60-90 days300-400kg/㎡
StrawberryStrawberry90-100 days48-60kg/㎡
WeedWeed100-150 days— kg/㎡

More information on hydroponic plants continues to be updated.
If you have any questions, welcome feel free to discuss them with us.

Growth cycle and yield will be affected by factors such as temperature, nutrition, light, seed quality, sprouting, and hydroponic growing system. — This data is the reference.