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Your professional commercial hydroponic systems supplier, which is an agricultural high-tech enterprise customized design-free, research, development, production, and OEM/ ODM services.

Focusing on hydroponic, aeroponic farming solutions, etc vertical planting systems, and container farms, etc microgreen solution. The main systems are suitable for commercial farming and home gardening.

Why Choose Us?

Hydroponics Equipment Design and Custom - Hydroponics China

Flexible Customized Design

If your site has not been planned, HC will determine the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant, site, environment, water, and electricity, etc. You will get the best suitable drawings and solutions. Start with an idea.

The control system - Hydroponics China

Complete Hydroponic Systems

You’ll be amazed at the system we produce, which is automation control helps you save labor costs, make operation and management more convenient, and professional technical assistance. that it can almost meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users.

Hydroponics China Equipment Validated

Professional Technical Supports

HC technical support, mainly three parts are included: Installation, Design, and After-sales Service. The development, validation, and test teams have met thousands of crops and validated each of the hydroponics solutions. If you’re not sure, try contacting us first.

certificate hydroponics china

Rich Project Experience

We have cooperated with the local government to build a hydroponic production laboratory of 2,000 m2. HC wants to help anyone who has a planting need for hydroponics. In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, South Africa, and so on, we’ve built a number of hydroponic farm projects.

Commercial Hydroponic Systems Product Details

Hydroponics Tower Series - hydroponics china
  1. Yield Increase 30%
    Exert aeroponic with nutrients, Grow plants 3 times faster and produce over 30% greater per unit yield.
  2. 90% Less Resources Input
    Vertical, compact design, and closed-loop system, make it just requires as little as space 10% and water 2% relative to traditional farming.
  3. Reasonable Planning
    According to your needs, the actual application environment such as the Type of crops and the installation area is used as the basis for customization design .
HFT Hydroponics System
  1. Practicality, Wide Application
    The structure of the facility is simple, can be tiled, vertical splicing installation, low investment management cost, and plant growth is balanced and fast.
  2. Save Worry, Effort, and Cost
    Fully automatic intermittent nutrient supply, shallow liquid layer, and fluidity to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to the roots.
  3. High Quality, Professional Technical Team
    Food-grade PVC tube, fully automatic control system, remote guidance or on-site installation support, regular equipment maintenance, and replacement parts supplement.

NFT Equipment Tube Accessories

Hydroponics NFT Accessories 2
Hydroponics NFT Accessories 1
Pipes Specification
Size | W & H70×50 | 100×100 | 120×80 (mm)
Diameter Φ30 | 40 | 50 (mm) or Custom
Pitch30 | 50 (mm) or Custom
MaterialFood Grade PVC
Crop TypeTomato | Lettuce | Leafy, etc.

Flat NFT Hydroponic Equipment

As one of the most popular hydroponic farms for vegetable growing, it is suitable for users with larger planting areas.

This kind of hydroponic equipment is simple to build, easy to manage, and low investment cost.

Veritcal NFT Hydroponic System

The vertical NFT hydroponic construction method can also be used by users who plant in a small area. Space efficient.

It can also reduce equipment installation and labor costs, and increase unit yield by over 30%.

zip hydroponics system

The system is also an indoor vertical farm system with extremely high space utilization. The water cycle design saves more than 90% of water consumption than other plant cultivation methods.

A movable universal wheel is installed at the bottom of the device to help you manage plants easily and quickly. It is also equipped with an automatic water management system piping kit, freeing your time, even if you are not on the farm, you can also remotely monitor and operate.

Profit increased over traditional 43%
Labor cost savings 40%
Lighting equipment investment decreased 3%


single side zip system
Single Side Zip System
double side zip system
Double Side Zip System
zip system with LED lamp
+ LED Grow Light
Hydroponics zip tower structure

Food-grade PVC tube, which is light, strong, and corrosion-resistant. The planting sponge is used inside to fix the plants and to ensure sufficient oxygen circulation at the roots. The filter cotton can ensure that the plants have sufficient nutrients and water for growth.

PVC Tube
Height: 2.5m etc.
Black, White, Blue
Good Filter Cotton
White, Black

Microgreens Series

Microgreens Type

Low energy consumption, easy operation, low maintenance cost. Applicable crops are abundant, such as bean sprouts (soya beans, black beans, peas, etc.), various small leaf vegetables (oil sunflower, water spinach, coriander, rapeseed, and other seeds to promote germination), and fodder system, etc.

Microgreen Hydroponics System

Choose & Trust Us

hydroponic tray 1
hydroponic tray 2
Hydroponic Tray

Food grade PVC tray, with drain holes, not accumulate water. Tray high 4cm, which makes the plants get enough air and light.

Special SUS tube 1
Special SUS tube 2
Special SUS Tube

Special stainless steel tube looks nice, and there is excellent corrosion resistance that better than normal steel, galvanized pipe.

LED Grow light 1
LED Grow light 2
LED Grow Light

High-quality LED grow light, higher luminous efficiency, lower energy consumption, and calorific value, help plants grow faster and healthier.

Universal wheel 1
Universal wheel 2
Universal Wheel

Equipped with a set of directional wheels and universal wheels with brakes so that you can adjust the position more easily.

Transportation and assembly 2
Transportation and assembly 1
Transport & Assembly

All kinds of parts are packaged in different groups. We try to make the package stronger, smaller, freight cost is more economical.

Main Equipment Type

Home Garden & Commercial

Suitable for small microgreen equipment with a daily yield of less than 100kg for household use. We have 4 standard types for reference, and you can also customize the applicable style.

On the basic framework, our products also add independent control valves, exhaust fans, and automatic water supply systems. There are more customizable optional parts.

hydroponics microgreen for household

Ebb and Flow System

Super large-scale, can fully meet the large-scale commercial farming, by erecting tens of meters of trays and irrigation systems, you can harvest more than tons of bud seedling each day.

Matching upgrade: Seed storage room, soaking room, cleaning room, nursery, drying room. Computer system to control the temperature, humidity of the plant growth environment, and irrigation time, etc.

Commercial Hydroponics Microgreen System

hydroponic shipping container farm for sale 40 foot hydroponics china

Container farming can solve the contradiction between the needs of contemporary farming development and the lack of land resources. It provides the environment needed for plant growth. It’s working with electricity and water, without spraying pesticides. This is very popular closed fodder growing equipment now.

Shipping Container

Total Trays Per System50 – 800 Trays
Daily Production100 – 1500 kg
Daily Water Consumption0.2 – 2 m³
Power5 – 12 kW
Crops TypeFodder, Barley, Corn, Maize, Sorghum, Alfalfa..
fodder container

Fodder Container Advantages

1, Stainless Steel Frame & Non-slip Floor

The frame has better corrosion resistance, higher strength, long service life, and ensures the stability of the crop growing system.

All stainless steel frame
abrasive floor
centralized control system

2,Centralized Control, Easy to Operate

The PLC logic controller integrates the system of temperature, humidity control, spray, sterilization, light supplement, and ventilation into the same microprocessor digital electronic device. Complete automatic control by receiving and sending electronic signals.

It has the advantages of accurate data, fast response, stability, safety, and convenient operation. All equipment and functional components of the assembly have been installed and debugged.

The air conditioner can automatically adjust the temperature according to the environment, no need to install any accessories, and it can work when connected to water and electricity. There are more optional components such as water recycling treatment equipment.

3,Smart Hydroponic Systems

II type intelligent controller 2
  • II Type Intelligent Controller
  • Smart touch screen controller

  • 8 languages to switch

  • Visual and easy operation

Wifi remote control
  • WiFi Remote Control
  • Mobile terminals are available

  • Monitor & operate anywhere
  • Relax & enjoy your vacation

Your Professional Commercial Hydroponic Systems Supplier

Tell us about your crops and acreage, and our team will give you the most satisfactory proposals with your demand.