Hydroponic Container Farm For Sale

vertical farming shipping container hydroponics system for sale

Container farms, a kind of container suitable for both indoor hydroponic farming and open-air that carries hydroponic grow systems. Different sizes, the largest of which is the shipping container hydroponics system.

The biggest advantage of this equipment with a complete hydroponic system, that can deal with various complex environments with less energy consumption. You can use this system to grow various vegetables or fruits, such as fodder (barley, wheat, corn seedlings, etc.), bean sprouts, mushrooms, lettuce, strawberries, herb, ginseng, and so on.

The container farm HC offer advantages: complete system, simple operation, remote monitoring, automatic control, flexible customization. The container farm you received is assembled, no need to install it again, just connect the water and electricity to start work.

Let us help you get a suitable hydroponic container farm.

Meet Our Most Popular Hydroponic Container Farms

Hydroponic Indoor Farming Container - Hydroponics China

Hydroponic Indoor Farming Container

Hydroponic Growing Cabinet System - Hydroponics China

Hydroponic Growing Cabinet System

Shipping Container Hydroponics System - Hydroponics China

Shipping Container Hydroponics


Full Spectrum Hydroponics Grow Light HC

Full Spectrum Hydroponics Grow Light

remote hydroponic administration system HC

Remote Hydroponic Administration System

Hydroponic Water Chillers & Heaters HC

Hydroponic Water Chillers & Heaters

hydroponic air conditioning equipment HC

Hydroponic Air Conditioning Equipment

hydroponic water circulation system HC

Hydroponic Water Circulation System

environmental protection low-energy HC

Environmental Protection Low-energy

Applies to many kinds of crops HC

Applies to Many Kinds of Crops

Hydroponic Container Farm Some Details

Hydroponic Indoor Farming Container plant holes
Hydroponic Indoor Farming Container system hc

Hydroponic Indoor Farming Container

Hydroponic Growing Cabinet System Front side
Hydroponic Growing Cabinet System unit hc

Hydroponic Growing Cabinet System

Shipping Container Hydroponics System inside structure
Shipping Container Hydroponics System Back side unit

Shipping Container Hydroponics System

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Why Choose HC Hydroponic Container Farm

Customized Design

Free hydroponic system design, hydroponic farm planning, customized transformation and upgrades that meet actual needs.

Complete System

The hydroponic equipment provided by Hydropnics China can meet the needs of almost all farm operators or household users.

Rich Experience

HC has participated in and served many hydroponics project for students, balconies, gardens, roofs, greenhouses, farms, etc.

Local Support

In addition to providing necessary tutorials, we help you to quickly solve the problems of pre-planning and after-sales service locally.

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Such as the planting site, area, what crops need to be cultivated, etc.

We will recommend a suitable hydroponic system for you based on the actual situation, as well as professional planning, drawings, and help you quickly understand the building cost.

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