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DWC systems can grow larger plants and vegetables, the most common ones for home use are 5 gallon bucket hydroponics, 4 pot hydroponic system, 2 pot hydroponic system, 3 bucket rdwc system, 6 bucket dwc hydroponics system, and the single DWC kit.

RDWC has an automatic water circulation system, which saves water, energy, simple installation, and relatively low cost, and is suitable for indoor, open-air, garden, roof, basement, hydroponic greenhouse, etc.

HC offers complete DWC kits, along with some accessories you may need, such as hydroponic tents, etc., as well as DWC hydroponic farms customized to your needs. We have very professional experience in indoor hydroponics projects.


Our Most Popular Hydroponic Buckets For Sale

Hydroponic DWC bucket system is also known as DWC pot, hydroponic growing pot, bubbler bucket (bubble bucket system), ebb and flow bucket system (flood and drain bucket system), and so on. But please note that this is not totally accurate, although they are similar in shape, they are irrigated differently.

For example, DWC’s irrigation characteristics (deep water culture), is an irrigation method with a constant water level. While ebb & flow is an irrigation method with periodic water supply and release. and a simpler irrigation method is water supply from the top, which is a drip system, such as the commonly used 5 gallon bucket hydroponic drip system.


Hydroponic RDWC System For Sale

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Whether you want to use a combined hydroponic grow rdwc/ dwc buckets, or other types of customization, such as shape, size, or ebb and flow bucket system, I believe we can help you.

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What Are Difference Between With The Hydroponic DWC Buckets System and RDWC System?

The RDWC system (recirculating deep water culture) consists of many hydroponic growing pot and a liquid tank, which are connected by a waterway, that can continuously circulate by the pipeline in the entire system with water, nutrients, oxygen, etc.

If you want to try the rdwc hydroponics, you can learn from the commonly used combinations of 4 bucket rdwc system for sale, 3 bucket rdwc system, or 2 bucket rdwc system. The benefit of the rdwc hydroponic system is that the nutrient solutions concentrations within each hydroponic growing pot are balanced without the need for individual adjustments to them.

While the hydroponic DWC bucket system ( Deep Water Culture bucket ) is a simplified version of RDWC, it has no circulation function, and does not require a total reservoir and water pump. Each dwc kit can undertake independent planting work and separate maintenance, and can be DIY as needed.

Which Crops Can Be Grown With These Hydroponic Grow Bucket Systems?

They are very suitable for growing large fruits or vegetables,

  • such as DWC bucket tomatoes,
  • Peppers,
  • Strawberries,
  • Weed,
  • Melons,
  • Cucumbers,
  • Eggplants,
  • Grapes,
  • Sunflowers, and so on.

The Dutch bucket system, or “Bato bucket system”, is a very flexible bucket hydroponic drip system, which can freely match the number and layers of buckets to meet different planting needs. It is very friendly to beginners.

It is very suitable for growing large fruits or vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, weed, melons, cucumbers, eggplants, grapes, sunflowers, etc.

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Why Choose HC DWC Bucket Kit

Customized Design

Free hydroponic system design, hydroponic farm planning, customized transformation, and upgrades that meet actual needs.

Complete System

The hydroponic grow system provided by Hydroponics China can meet the needs of almost all farm operators or household users.

Rich Experience

HC has participated in and served many hydroponics projects for schools, balconies, gardens, roofs, greenhouses, farms, etc.

Local Support

In addition to providing necessary tutorials, we help you to quickly solve the problems of pre-planning and after-sales service locally.

Hydroponic Grow Buckets System For Sale & Design

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How To Purchase The RDWC/ DWC Bucket System For Your Hydroponic Farm?

Which vegetables or fruits do you want to plant? We will be determined first, such as actual planting height, density, light conditions, etc., according to the information of you provide.

And then, We need you to check the area, shape, and obstacles of the venue, etc., and calculate, design the right hydroponic pot system layout for this area is planned. Including planting, management area, and others.

If you don’t find the type of hydroponic rdwc/ dwc bucket system you need, please feel free to contact us to confirm now, We will reply very quickly.

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How To Get Your Systems

Please offer your basic information and requirements.
Such as the planting site, area, what crops need to be cultivated, etc.

We will recommend a suitable hydroponic system for you based on the actual situation, as well as professional planning, and drawings, and help you quickly understand the building cost.

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