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Most traditional DWC hydroponic system need to keep the plants at a fixed height, and regular nutrient supplementation can ensure that the roots can always be in contact with nutrient solutions, water, and air. The popular planting equipment of the deep water culture hydroponics system is the DWC Pot ( also named hydroponic buckets system ), or hydroponic floating raft system for greenhouse.

The DWC pot system is used to grow large plants because they have bigger roots, need more growing space and air. This system is very convenient to manage.

And the hydroponic float system, which is basically no need to maintain the system, or even supplement water from transplanting to harvesting. It’s friendly for small vegetables with low oxygen demand.

In fact, the DWC system has derived many practical irrigation systems for now.
It can be used as an aquaponic system, or save water by top drip, or build on rolling benches to solve the problem of the plants with high oxygen demand. Of course, it’s a simplified version of the RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) hydroponic system. So, what kind of DWC system do you need?

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Know More About The DWC Bucket System

DWC bucket hydroponic system (and RDWC hydroponic system), although leafy vegetables can also be grown, but people usually prefer to use it to grow certain herbaceous plants, such as weed/ cannabis or hemp, hops. Or bigger crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, sunflowers, eggplants, and watermelon, etc.

The hydroponic buckets and net pots we provide are separable, which can conveniently fill the substrate and check the health of the roots.
And that can be customized to suit your actual, no matter you need a complete RDWC/ DWC grow system kit (2, 3, 4, 6 pots, and more combinations), or a commercial hydroponic bucket farm design-build.

DWC bucket system ( and dutch bucket system also ) is usually placed outdoors or in the greenhouse, as well as in shipping container farms or smaller hydroponic tents, because the plants it grows are usually large. Of course, light utilization efficiency needs to be considered when planting indoors, which is very important for plant growth.

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How About Floating Raft Hydroponics DWC System

The floating vegetable garden is mostly built in greenhouses or indoors to grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce.
According to the actual application, it can be changed to an NFT hydroponic system, aquaponic system, or flood and drain system.
These systems still use hydroponic floating trays to grow plants, but the irrigation methods and part of the setup are different.

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Indoor Hydroponic Float System

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Floating Raft Hydroponics Greenhouse

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