Fodder Solution:

Hydroponic Fodder Machine Operating Guide

Fodder Solution 1: HydroponicsChina Fodder Machine Installation

Preparations Before Using The Shipping Container Farm

When you receive the hydroponic fodder machine, what do you need to do?


Before installing the hydroponic shipping container farm, proper foundation work is crucial. Here are some general recommendations for foundation preparation:

  •  Ground Leveling: Ensure the ground is leveled, solid, and free from debris, rocks, or other obstacles.
  • Foundation Structure: Based on the dimensions of the hydroponic shipping container (12.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide) and its weight (6 tons for the fodder system, 7 tons for the hydroponic vegetable system), determine if a foundation structure is needed. < This may include a concrete foundation or support framework to ensure stability and safety. >
  • Drainage System: Consider implementing a suitable drainage system around the container to ensure proper drainage. < This could involve using sturdy stone piers or other methods to elevate the container by 20 centimeters. >

Ground Leveling Before installing the hydroponic shipping container farm arrives.


2,Connect Power and Water Source

The inlet positions for the power supply and water tank have been pre-allocated, requiring only the connection of the power cable and water hose to provide power and water supply to the shipping container fodder system.

Container farm of fodder solution from connect Power and Water Source

At this point, the installation is complete.
Apart from that, there are no further installation steps required, except for arranging the fodder trays

3,Familiarize Yourself With The Controller (Please refer to the following operating instructions).

4,Take Out The Fodder Trays and Clean Them.

5,Before planting, activate the ozone device, fresh air system, and circulation fan for pre-disinfection and air purification treatments
       (As the shipping container has been sealed throughout the transportation process).

Fodder Solution 2: Preparation for Hydroponic Fodder Production

I.   The Beginning of The Fodder Solution: Seed Selection

1, Seed Selection

Suitable grains for hydroponic fodder productionSuitable grains for hydroponic fodder production (such as wheat, barley, oats, corn, rye, etc.)
It is recommended to choose grains that are plump, uniform, brightly colored, with intact husks, free from defects, pests, and diseases, and dry.

Taking wheat seeds as an example:

For beginners, it is recommended to start with the simplest seeds like wheat or corn for hydroponic fodder production.

2, Drying The Seeds

If the storage environment of the seeds is not sufficiently dry, if there are any odors or the presence of husks, it is recommended to dry them in sunlight for 2-3 hours before washing them. This step is important for preliminary sterilization and disinfection.

Drying The Seeds is important for preliminary sterilization and disinfection

However, if the quality of the seeds and the storage conditions are good, you can proceed directly to the washing process.

Note: During the process of drying or cleaning the seeds, please try to remove any damaged seeds, incomplete seeds, or shriveled seeds. This can help reduce potential losses caused by dead or moldy seeds during the seedling process.

3, Clean The Seeds

Remove rotten seeds, bad seeds, and floating husks. The washed water should not be murky.

Clean The Seeds, before



II.   The Beginning of The Fodder Solution: Germination

Soaker Germination can help seeds overcome dormancy, reduce germination time, enhance stress tolerance, and improve plant growth and yield.
It can increase the germination rate and survival ability of seeds.

Methods include soaking seeds in oxygen-rich water at a constant temperature for a period of time to enhance water absorption capacity.
Controlling environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light to simulate suitable germination conditions.

Germination Step 1: Seed Priming ( Seed soaking for 6 hours )

Hydroponics China provides customers with convenient and practical auxiliary equipment for germination, and these are all presented as gifts.

hydroponic barley seed germiantion

The Required Equipment Includes:

Germination Machine
Germination Machine:

Oxygenation and constant temperature control function, used for seed germination and providing the necessary conditions for seeds to sprout.

Ozone Equipment
Ozone Equipment:

Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect and can effectively kill various microorganisms without leaving any residues. which is effective in killing molds, germs, and fungi on seed surfaces, reducing the risk of seedling mold caused by poor seed quality or storage conditions.

Soaking Water Tank
Soaking Water Tank:

The soaking seeds container, please make sure it is clean. Food-grade material.

Black Mesh Bags
Black Mesh Bags:

You can use our net bag to soak and spread the seeds conveniently.

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Please rest assured that we have prepared detailed equipment usage methods in the user manual of the shipping container hydroponic fodder system.

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User’s Manual


Germination Step 2: Dark Period Standing

The dark environment can stimulate the internal germination mechanism of the seeds, while the moist environment facilitates water absorption and the activity of enzymes. This can significantly improve the germination speed and rate.

Different seeds have different germination speeds, but a few hours are usually sufficient. The reason for the 8-hour duration is that fodder container seedling requires a daily dark period of 8 to 12 hours. This timing is ideal for promoting germination.

Dark Period Standing Hydroponics fodder solution

Fodder Solution 3: Hydroponic Fodder Production

From the first day of growing,
you will notice that almost all the seeds in the seed tray have started to sprout with white shoots,
thanks to the pre-germination treatment.

started to sprout with white shoots

At this point,
you just need to ensure the fodder container farm is operating normally,
and wait for approximately 6-7 days.

Seedling Growth fodder system production


  • 1
    Compared with wheat, beans, and other seeds, shelled seeds (such as barley, oats, etc.) should be sterilized more thoroughly. Otherwise, it is easy to mold.
  • 2
    The purpose of soaking the seeds is to increase the germination rate of the seeds, the ozone equipment is to sterilize the seeds, and the ultimate goal is to ensure the healthy growth of the hydroponic fodder.
  • 3
    Dry seeds can also be planted directly after screening and cleaning, but it is best to soak them. Especially shelled seeds.
  • 4
    During the planting period, try to ensure that personnel and tools are disinfected when entering and exiting the container farm and checking the green fodder condition. So as not to bring in bacteria and fungi.
  • 5

    Before feeding fresh green fodder, the remaining moisture on the hydroponic pasture fodder must be dried, otherwise it is easy to cause diarrhea in livestock.

  • 6

    If the livestock you raise has never been fed fresh green fooder, it must be done step by step, so that the animals have a process of adaptation.

Fodder Solution 4: Explanation of Fodder Container Farm Controller

Fodder Solution - Hydroponic fodder system controller - fodder machine control system

Each HYDROPONICS CHINA shipping container fodder farm that is sold comes with pre-set operational parameters, so you don’t need to configure them yourself.

The system will automatically start running once it is activated and chosen the auto.

In case you have any operational requirements, we can also assist you remotely through remote control.

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Additionally, we have prepared an operation manual for the controller, which serves as a guide when manual control is necessary.

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