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Do You Really Need Hydroponic Fodder System?

The fodder growing system is a very necessary means of feed supplementation in animal husbandry. At critical moments, it can reduce economic losses caused by feed shortages from external factors. Such as weather, feed price fluctuations, supply chain changes, or extreme weather. Growing animal fodder for chickens, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, camels, and more.

But as one of facility agriculture, the fodder grass system has certain limitations, and you need to think about whether it is worth building your own fodder system.

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Your Ideal Fodder System

how to build the hydroponic pasture fodder system

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Fodder System Description of The Production Capacity:

For example, the container fodder machine covers an area of 30 m2 and can produce 1,500kg of fresh grass per day. The warehouse of 600 m2 can produce more than ten tons per day.

The system assembly not only includes planting equipment, but also includes intelligent control system, irrigation system, environmental control system, temp & humidity control system, air circulation equipment, planting auxiliary equipment, etc.
If necessary, we will also provide you with the design and construction of a hydroponic pasture greenhouse, or a series of necessary facilities such as indoor environmental equipment, water treatment, and solar power supply.

Our Fodder Systems Offered:

  • Fodder shipping container farms for sale.

  • Hydroponic pasture for design, layout, and production installation

  • House fodder system for sale ( growing system kits wholesale)


Fodder Container Farms For Sale

The fodder machine is converted from 40ft shipping container farm. The max output of green feed is 7,700 kg. It has a completely intelligent production system and the highest cost performance in the world. It works well in extreme environments.

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>>> The fodder container farm's prices are so reasonable that few customers hesitate.

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Hydroponic Pasture Building Plans

Hydroponic pasture vertical farms are very necessary as a supplement to traditional pastures or feed factories. If you suffer losses due to feed price fluctuations, shortages, or harsh climates, please keep abreast of the fodder system.

How to start planning your hydroponic Pasture

Get the Hydroponic Pasture Project

>>> Simple start: local climate, how much yield is needed, and the growing site area.

We understand that every step of the decision is important, and you don’t need to worry about incurring any costs along the way. Leave your information, and let us start this worry-free and efficient cooperation journey together.


House Fodder Growing System Wholesale

Livestock feeding for the home, a complete set of fodder system racks can produce about 80-120 kg of fresh forage. If the number of livestock you raise is only 2~3, diy fodder system your own is well. It does not require complicated systems & easy to manage.

hydroponic fodder growing racks for sale HC
house hydroponic green fodder production seedling HC
house fodder growing system production HC

Get the Fodder Growing Racks System Quotation

>>> Minimum order quantity is 5 sets, sample minimum order is 1 set

Order our regular model or customized it at will and can be adjusted according to the length, width, and height of the installation location. Considering the load-bearing and stability, we only achieve a maximum of 15 layers for vertical planting. If you have any questions, welcome to consult.


Before Fodder System Quote: Key Info You Must Know

  • The fodder system is best suited for addressing feeding shortages, unstable local feed supply chains, dependency on imports, livestock starvation caused by extreme climates (such as 3-4 months of extreme heat or cold in a year), and situations where traditional pastures are under significant grazing pressure.

  • Hydroponic fodder cannot fully replace traditional feed mills, although it can be mass-produced at any time and place. Firstly, the diversification of traditional feed mills cannot be achieved by fodder systems. Secondly, green fodder is often utilized as a supplementary ration for livestock unless there’s no feed.

  • Exploring green fodder production for livestock is a valuable endeavor. It helps enhances livestock product quality and stable income. But, if your intention is to sell fresh grass, ensure thorough research of the local feed market. If the profit model is uncertain, it’s advisable not to rush into it.


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    Advantages of Growing Fodder Hydroponiclly Compared to Traditional Soil Planting

    We deeply understand the importance of planning and design during the ordering or project initiation phase. However, we also recognize that comprehending the costs and potential returns of a product or project before committing is a necessary and challenging task.

    Therefore, to offer you more practical assistance, we will provide support such as project planning, layout design, and detailed quotation lists. This will empower you to quickly and profoundly understand the fodder growing system, all without worrying about incurring any expenses during the exploration process.

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