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Have you started your hydroponic fodder system plans yet?

HC has different fodder growing systems, which for different cultivation scenarios and animals. Hundreds of kilograms to tens of tons of hydroponic feed can be cultivated.
— the “Shipping Container Fodder Machine” & “Hydroponics Pasture Project“.

From seed to feed in seven days, and the hydroponic feed grew to 20cm on day 7 without turning the soil and scattering fertilizer, just by maintaining stable water and plenty of light.

And, you know what, The protein content of green fodder from the HC hydroponic system is generally above 20%~25%, this is very friendly for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, etc.

Since the process of raising seedlings does not require any substrate help, so harvesting hydroponic seedlings is very simple and quick, you can take them out directly and put them on the ranch for feeding.

From seed to feed in seven days - HC Hydroponic Fodder System

Our Most Popular Fodder Growing Systems For Sale

Which Fodder Could be Planted?

The hydroponic fodder system also grows a variety of microgreens
Fodders including maize, barley, oats, sorghum, Cowpea, rye, alfalfa, triticale, and sprouts can be produced by hydroponics.

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What are The Points When You Make Hydroponic Fodder?

3 tips

Not Germinate

If the seed good, probably because that is not ready well in the waking stage.
Without the dark environment, The waking time short, or Improper temperature, etc., that all will let seeds germination rate low or die.

The Tip of Seedlings are Yellow

The main reason is inadequate or uneven lighting.
Please check your hydroponic fodder system, if the distance is too close between each layer of fodder trays. The seedling turns yellow without much light on the sixth or seventh day, because that sprout grows higher than LED hydroponic lights.

Rotten Roots

Mildew is caused by excessive humidity or lack O2. How to change?
– Keep the water or nutrients level in the hydroponic tray is right.
– The temperature and humidity in the shipping container hydroponics must be set with standard.
– Increase some dissolved oxygen. you can remove the return water pipe and allow the returning water to naturally fall into the tank.

Hydroponic Fodder Hydroponic Fodder For Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Cows, Sheep, Poultry (Chicken), and Horses, etc.?

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Do You Have A Hydroponic Fodder Cultivation Project We Can Help?

Why Choose HC Hydroponic Fodder System

Customized Design

Free hydroponic system design, hydroponic farm planning, customized transformation and upgrades that meet actual needs.

Complete System

The hydroponic equipment provided by Hydropnics China can meet the needs of almost all farm operators or household users.

Rich Experience

HC has participated in and served many hydroponics project for students, balconies, gardens, roofs, greenhouses, farms, etc.

Local Support

In addition to providing necessary tutorials, we help you to quickly solve the problems of pre-planning and after-sales service locally.

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Custom Design Plan

Hydroponic Fodder System Design Plans

In essence, it is a solution that tells you with great precision which seeds to plant and how to cultivate them in each planting area of the system.

This includes system style, planting area planning, and auxiliary equipment list needed, etc.

Advantages of Growing Fodder Hydroponiclly Compared to Traditional Soil Planting
hydroponic pasture fodder system advantage

Depending on the type and yield of feed, you will then be able to choose which hydroponic green fodder systems.

For Example:
Commercial Hydroponic Vertical Fodder System ( Hydroponic Greenhouse )
Fodder Farm System – 600kg daily output hydroponic fodder farming
Container Fodder Farm – 20 feet freezer container | 500-800kg
Shipping Container Farm – 40 feet shipping container | 1000-1500kg

And a variety of open air hydroponic fodder system racks that can be combined at will


HC Fodder Systems For Sale

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How To Get Your Systems

Please offer your basic information and requirements.
Such as the planting site, area, what crops need to be cultivated, etc.

We will recommend a suitable hydroponic system for you based on the actual situation, as well as professional planning, drawings, and help you quickly understand the building cost.

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