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Hydroponic Garden Tower Farming

HC vertical tower farming, cost-effective, flexible customization, can meet your various planting needs.

Whether you want to use garden tower equipment for hydroponic farming at home, in greenhouses, or in schools, we have a solution.

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Get Your Best Vertical Garden Tower!

HC Vertical Garden Tower is one of the most commonly used equipment in hydroponic growing systems, which can grow all kinds of vegetables (leafy vegetables like lettuce, herbs, root vegetables like radishes, and even strawberries).

We have complete hydroponics, or aeroponic tower for sale, easy to assemble and complete with accessories, and also provide hydroponics project design, planning, and supply of supporting facilities for greenhouses or small indoor farms.



Hydroponic Garden Tower For Sale

The classic one and standard hot seller vertical grow tower equipment. Totaling 7 layers, 6 planting holes per layer, each classic tower can produce 42 plants. This is an initial yield, It also can be increased to 13 layers of 78 plants.

If you want to keep increasing production per tower or planting on a larger scale like a greenhouse, which can be replaced with a hanging garden tower, yield increases while avoiding excess weight. At this time the tower can be increased to more than 15 layers.

Hydroponic Tower Farms Yeild

Each tower covers an area of one square. Taking lettuce as an example, the yield per square meter ranges from 42 to 96 plants. If the weight of lettuce is about 350g, the minimum annual output per square planting tower should be 175~405kg.

Layer Modular

Hydroponic-indoor-gardening-tower---HC-Tower-farms-breakdown-drawing-layer modular

Whole block assembly, suitable large-scale planting, MOQ Sales.


Piece Modular


The pieces assembly, lower shipping cost, No MOQ.


Learn About The Yields of Tower Farms

Vegetables grow fast in a hydroponics greenhouse, but their growing cycle will be further shortened in indoor farms.
This is the result of providing vegetables with reasonable nutrition, sufficient light, suitable temperature, and an undisturbed growing environment.

Aeroponic Tower For Sale - Vertical Aeroponic Growing System - Hydroponics China - HC

Hanging Garden Tower For Greenhouse

Helping You Maximize Your Yield Per Unit Area

Until now, the maximum number of layers is 16 layers, and the annual output of leafy vegetables per square in the greenhouse is 1152 plants, about 460kg.


Before A Hydroponic or Aeroponic Tower Farming Project Starts


Any of your questions can be answered by communicating with us by email, video conference, or live demonstration.


When we have been informed of your planting site, area, crop type, and so on. You can get a more detailed design plan.


We can provide you with the cost structure, estimate the project’s annual output and expenditure, and other data.

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    Why does tower farming produce high-quality vegetables?

    Hydroponic tower farming is usually achieved through greenhouses, which provide plants with a comfortable growing environment, which means constant temperature conditions, better humidity and ventilation, protection from natural hazards, and automated planting management.
    The use of hydroponics or aeroponics technology can keep away from soil pollution, the risk of heavy metals exceeding the standard, and there is no need to spray pesticides. And can greatly increase the yield per unit area.


    Build a hydroponic Garden Tower project

       All it takes is 10% of your time and effort   

    Whether you’re looking to purchase a vertical grow tower or two, or you’re looking to build a hydroponic tower greenhouse. You can enjoy free support before the official purchase.

    You can understand all the data without any burden:

    Including product details, configuration lists, preliminary planning drawings, cost structure and details, and annual production estimates.
    The purpose is to help you quickly understand the content of the product or project you are about to obtain and make a reasonable judgment.

    We can communicate by mail or phone, but we are most looking forward to a face-to-face online video conference with you.

    In the meantime, we’ll match the most suitable grow tower products to your needs, or you can check out our two other types of vertical towers.


    In helping customers to meet the needs of tower farming, we have also accumulated a large number of related supply chain resources. Such as greenhouses, greenhouse heating devices, automatic fruit, and vegetable packaging machines, disinfection equipment, packaging products, solar energy equipment, seawater desalination equipment, planting consumables, etc.

    Designing in parallel with a garden tower system will save you a lot of time and money. Most importantly, you do not have to spend more energy to connect with different suppliers, we are also responsible for ensuring the quality and after-sales service of related equipment.

    Building a tower farm always requires solving various related problems
    Purchasing issues, installation issues, or temporary conditions, etc. Any issues related to garden tower farms need our assistance to communicate, no problem.

    Start your tower planting journey


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