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Automatic fertigation system, watering and monitoring system, smart irrigation controller for the greenhouse


The irrigation controller, as the most important part of modern agricultural irrigation control equipment, especially in the greenhouse irrigation systems, has played an important role. HYDROPONICS CHINA’S greenhouse irrigation controller can help people greatly reduce planting costs while increasing yields through precise, intelligent monitoring, and automated watering and fertilizing delivery technology.

HC Irrigation Controller For You

Our irrigation controllers are not limited to commercial greenhouse watering systems of all scales, but can also be used in more farming types. You will get professional and targeted system design when you provide reference information such as planting crop types, planting area, topography, water source, and planting environment.
You can try our complete greenhouse setup and irrigation control solutions, or, if you just need to upgrade your irrigation system, we can also provide an easily use and reasonably priced smart fertigation system controller to cover your irrigation kit.

Do You Need A Greenhouse Design or Just An Irrigation Controller?

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The Irrigation Controller Usage Scenarios

greenhouse-watering-system-hydroponics-china nutrient control system design

The smart hydroponic greenhouse irrigation system is a comprehensive technology, which involves many aspects such as irrigation and fertilization, crop cultivation, intelligent control, etc.



You need to know the terrain, soil structure, planting methods, water sources, area and so on. For example, when planting on the mountain, the working pressure of the controller must be increased. Hydroponic planting for polytunnel has high requirements on temperature, humidity, irrigation and fertilization, so it is necessary to choose a hydroponic nutrient control system.


The buried depth, length, and irrigation area of ​​the pipeline system design. The irrigation method used is sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, or other methods.
Are there many types or single of crops, and how many liquid fertilizer delivery channels need to be added? Cost control plans for equipment purchases, planting costs, etc.

Why Choose HC Greenhouse Irrigation Controller





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  • Editable 16 irrigation and fertilization programs.

  • 8 fertilization plans can be customized.

  • 10 scheduled tasks can be formulated to fully realize automatic management during the crop growth cycle.

  • You can customize the valve combination and rotation order of different irrigation areas.

  • The names of irrigation areas and programs can be customized, which is convenient for operators to identify and call.

  • 20 solenoid valves can be controlled by multi-line control mode, and 128 solenoid valves can be controlled by bus control or wireless control

  • The power system adopts frequency conversion control and is equipped with a pressure regulating valve to maintain the balance of irrigation pressure in the pipeline in real time.

  • It can be precisely adjusted according to EC/PH and water and fertilizer ratio, real-time online adjustment, to achieve precise fertilizer distribution and nutrient control.

  • Mobile remote control the greenhouse irrigation controller.

  • Monitored and managed through the smart platform.

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