Wholesale Grow Tent Kits

complete hydroponic indoor grow tent kits for sale wholesale hc tent

Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kits For Sale

HC hydroponic tent supplier provides the complete indoor grow kit with optional sizes and fitting accessories (Including the exhaust fan system, filter unit, equipment controller, hydroponic LED grow lights, planting device, and so on.),

you can easily get our fixed tent kits to match the different sizes or planting quantities ( like the 4 plants grow tent kit). Or can be flexibly customized according to your needs, whether it is the size of the tent, multi-chamber, or the choice of accessories.

One-stop services can help you solve all the climate, temperature, humidity, light, and other conditions of sprouting, planting, and other growth stages. And, it is not affected by the external environment and location, which is easier to control the growth of plantings and can be easily dismantled and moved.

As a professional hydroponics equipment supplier, we offer wholesale grow tent kit solutions in any quantity, size, gear, and mixable order.



Buy Hydroponic Grow Tent Now

Let us know which grow tent you need?

You will get the most convenient grow tent deal services, like the single, dual(2 in 1 grow tent), and (3 in 1 grow tent or more grow tent combo) multi chamber grow tent with everything included, which are the grow tent system kit of fully equipped inside.

Not only can it meet your needs for growing vegetables, tomatoes, seedlings, orchids, or nepenthes, herbs, cannabis, etc., but also according to your specific needs, or usage scenarios indoors (garage, closet, basement, attic, bedroom, wardrobe, roof, even the outdoor) custom matching.

Want to use a more complete hydroponic grow tent system? Maybe you can try our hydroponic growing box (superposable), or indoor grow cabinet (especially suitable for home seedling & vegetable growing).

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Essential Parts Of Grow Tent Kits

LED Grow Lights - the parts of tent kits wholesale


hygrometer - the parts of tent kits wholesale


timer - the parts of tent kits wholesale


fan - the parts of tent kits wholesale


pipeline - the parts of tent kits wholesale


filter - the parts of tent kits wholesale


LARGE GROW TENT – 4 plant grow tent kit

SMALL GROW TENT – 2 plant grow tent kit


Multi Chamber Grow Tent


Sealed Viewing Window of Hydroponic Tent

Sealed Viewing Window

Two-way Zipper

Two-way Zipper

Grid Ventilation Window of Hydroponic Tent

Grid Ventilation Window

Tube & Line Channel of Grow Tent Inner Side

Tube & Line Channel Inner Side

Tube & Line Channel of Grow Tent Outside

Tube & Line Channel Outside

ABS Corner Joint of tent shelf

ABS Corner Joint

Bearing Hook For Indoor Grow Tent Kit

Bearing Hook

Steel Tube Frame

Steel Tube Frame