Indoor vertical farming greatly increases the yield per unit area, organic, and great business value.

Hydroponic greenhouse vertical farming increases production while saving water, and labor costs.

Complete intelligent integrated shipping container farms, no installation required.

Vertical grow towers are the more common aeroponics, as well as atomization boxes.


The simplest hydroponic farming is mostly used for sprouts and hydroponic green fodder.

Hydroponic Farming – Our Favorite Thing

HydroponicsChina offers any product related to hydroponic agriculture to meet your every planting need. We have the solution whether you want to apply hydroponic vertical farming technology to urban commercial farms, greenhouses, or home gardens. Vertical hydroonic growing system supplier

Do You Really Need Hydroponic Farming?

Most customers want to engage in hydroponic farming because of its huge value return, but they are not very clear about the investment, especially the initial investment. To be honest, this is a lot of expenses, we usually recommend that customers, especially beginners, start with 100~300 m2 to get familiar with hydroponic farming, and then expand the investment according to the actual situation.

Before you start, ask yourself what your absolute needs are, and what is the actual situation.

  1. Is there enough budget or investment to support you in this business?
  2. Is the crop you choose competitive in the local market? Is there a stable sales channel?
  3. If traditional agriculture is enough to support local needs, why choose hydroponic system?
  4. Is it really an environmental issue that makes you have to choose hydroponics? (Lack of land resources, abnormal climate, lack of water, food safety issues, etc.)


Hydroponic Growing System - hydroponc vertical farming HC
  • Efficient Cultivation

  • Automation Control

  • Abundant Planting

What Can You Get From HC?

Help you solve 80% of the problems in setting up a hydroponic farm project

1First of all, as a hydroponics equipment provider, we can solve the production or supply of the most fundamental planting systems, control systems, irrigation systems, and auxiliary equipment (such as greenhouse building materials, automatic packaging machines, lift trucks, etc.).
On this basis, HC continues to optimize the automated, intelligent, and modular integrated management platform.
So you can have a hydroponic system planning that combines high-quality hardware and software. It doesn’t matter if your project is an indoor farm or a hydroponic greenhouse.

Hydroponics Greenhouse


Hydroponic Indoor Farming

Second, you can learn very detailed data about the entire project before starting the project.

2Including configuration details and costs, initial planning and design drawings of the planting site, and annual yield estimates for your target crops. All of them are customized and organized for you according to your actual situation, helping you to have a clear concept of the input and output of the entire project before you start.
And you know what? The most important thing is that these are staged support provided to you free of charge.


Any of your questions can be answered by communicating with us by email, video conference, or live demonstration.


When we have been informed of your planting site, area, crop type, and so on. You can get a more detailed design plan.


We can provide you with the cost structure, estimate the project’s annual output and expenditure, and other data.

Commercial Hydroponic Farms Can Meet The Cultivation Of Most Vegetables, Fruits, Herb, And Weeds.

In a nutshell: Leafy-vegetables, herbs, and root vegetables work best with NFT hydroponic systems or hydroponics/aeroponics towers. Fruit-vegetables can use an NFT system, aeroponic box, Dutch bucket, substance package, etc. according to the type. Strawberries, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes can all be grown on the substrate. There are also DWC/RDWC hydroponic system, Ebb and Flow hydroponic system, and so on.

What Do You Need To Planting By Hydroponic Vertical Farming?

Frequently Asked Types of Vegetables That Can Be Grown Through Hydroponic Farming

Leaf vegetables plants - hydroponics china
Leaf Vegetable
Fruit vegetables plants - hydroponics china
Fruit Vegetable
Bulb vegetables plants - hydroponics china
Bulb Vegetable
Fungus hydroponic planting - hydroponics china
Root Vegetables plants -
Root Vegetable
Microgreen plants - hydroponics china

Why Does Hydroponic Farming Produce Quality Vegetables?

Why does hydroponic farming produce quality vegetables - hc - hydroponics china

In traditional agriculture, the growth process of plants has to go through four seasons of climate change and face natural disasters such as drought, waterlogging, high temperature, severe cold, and strong wind. In addition, they have to experience nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, pests, bites, and other hazards.

Greenhouse agriculture solves some of the environmental problems and provides a more comfortable growing environment for vegetables. Indoor farming goes a step further, minimizing the impact of the external environment on plant growth.

The biggest advantage of hydroponic farming is that vegetables grow fast, grow well, have no pesticides, avoid heavy metal pollution, and avoid the threat of weather and pests. This is truly green and organic.

Hydroponic System Farming Has The Same Needs As Traditional Agriculture

Although hydroponic farms have high yields, good quality, and can be automated, if plants want to grow well, you need at least an agricultural consultant who is familiar with planting.

For the rest, you only need to set the automatically controlled temperature, light, humidity, fertilization concentration time, and other planting parameters according to the advice of the consultant, and you can rest assured of harvesting the best vegetables.


Build a smart hydroponic farming project

   All it takes is 10% of your time and effort   

As we mentioned above,
Before the start of the entire project, you can learn about the data for FREE, complete, and detailed.

Including configuration details, preliminary planning of planting sites, functions, and effects of important equipment, annual yield estimates of target crops, etc.

during this process,
We will also provide you with the cost structure of the project, and customize the design, adjustment, and transformation according to your actual situation.

Helps you to determine in a short time if you have the ability to start a hydroponic growing project.

It saves communication costs for both of us.

We love effective and fast communication with you and look forward to a face-to-face online video conference with you. This is helpful for both parties.

Generally, the smaller your planting scale, the less time you have to get feedback.
Respond quickly and you can have a clear idea of the inputs and outputs of hydroponic farming on the same day.
At the slowest, within a week, you can get all the data we said above.

After that, you can clearly judge whether it is worth investing in a hydroponic farming project.

At this point, if you think the project is profitable, and have the interest and ability to continue
We start to prepare more detailed material and tell you the implementation checklist of each thing you should prepare. Provide recommendations and project optimization details.

Most people have the ultimate pursuit of yield.
On this basis, they also need to improve the ease of use of equipment, reduce energy consumption, and customize planting equipment for different plants, and so on.

Schools or experimental institutions are very concerned about the functionality, diversification of products, and perfection of the planting chain.

Home users prefer to obtain a complete device that does not need to be installed, and the types of planting are also concentrated, all of which are fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other plants that we eat every day.

According to different customers and different planting needs, it is our responsibility to provide targeted planting equipment.

With the end of the novel coronavirus epidemic in China, we began to resume the service of local on-site guidance and installation, providing real turnkey project services.

Including preliminary data collation, cost evaluation, customized equipment adjustment, and project design that suits your needs, including final installation, commissioning, and official operation of hydroponic farms, as well as subsequent after-sales maintenance services.

At the same time, we help customers with limited budgets to carry out remote turnkey hydroponic farm solutions. We optimize the equipment and organize and label all equipment and accessories. At the same time as the installation, a dedicated person will schedule online and provide supporting design drawings and installation drawings as a reference. Finally, we also decided to provide you with an intelligent control system and free post-maintenance for free.

In helping customers solve various problems related to agricultural planting, we have accumulated a lot of supply chain resources for these businesses.

Including lift trucks, automatic fruit and vegetable packaging machines, disinfection equipment, package products, solar energy equipment, desalination equipment, greenhouses, greenhouse heating device, and planting consumables, etc.

These suppliers have been selected by us and decided to cooperate. We can not only provide you with this equipment but also ensure the quality and after-sales service. At the same time, they can also be designed with hydroponic equipment to avoid unnecessary troubles and obstacles.

The most important thing is that in addition to not having to spend more effort to connect with different suppliers, you can also save more costs.

If you have any questions, I believe we can help you solve them.

This is the proxy service we recommend for you, mainly to solve the installation problem of this last link.

Be assisted by our engineering staff and communicate with your local construction or renovation team.

We will prepare very detailed construction flow charts, precautions, material detail requirements, and professional drawings related to their tasks. They can act accordingly.

Besides, if you have other matters related to the hydroponic farm and need our assistance to communicate, no problem.

For example, some customers need to purchase some things locally, but they do not know what kind of products are suitable. At this time, we need to communicate on their behalf.
Even if we do not participate in the communication, we can give specific information on the required products for customers’ reference.

Start your hydroponic planting journey


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