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You will get complete hydroponic fodder production equipment support. We not only provide fully automatic hydroponic fodder machines with intelligent control systems but also design the same professional intelligent green fodder vertical farm projects, the hydroponic pasture for livestock farms of commercial and families.

The output of different fodder systems ranges from hundreds of kilograms to tens of tons. What kind of feed system to choose is closely related to the number of livestock you raise and the weather environment.
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Get to Know the HC Hydroponic Fodder Machine

Fodder Shipping Container Farm Basic Data:

  1. 40ft freight container conversion, 2 models with different yields, occupying an area of 30 square meters.
  2. Vertical hydroponic farming, the actual planting area can be expanded to nearly 200 square meters.
  3. The max output of one unit fodder machine is 7700 kg, and the average daily production of green fodder is 1500kg (5 days a week).
  4. The fully automated integrated system, with pre-recorded control parameters. There is no additional installation operation except connecting the water source and electricity.
  5. The most cost-effective fodder machine supplier in the world (you can make a comparison in terms of design, features, yield, price, service, and quality).


Hydroponic Fodder Machine For Sale

At HYDROPONICSCHINA, your feedback matters! We’ve been listening and improving our fodder systems based on your input. With your unique needs in mind, we’ve designed two container farming fodder machines perfectly tailored to you.

automatic hydroponic fodder machine for sale Hydroponics China

Fodder System

Microgreen System

DIFFERENTIAThe green fodder system with extreme output. For example, can produce 7,700 kg of hydroponic barley fodder, which can meet the daily fresh grass needs of hundreds of livestock.Production has weakened, but we have provided livestock with a variety of nutrient-rich fodder options by increasing planting spacing and introducing microgreens.
Applicability (Seedling Height)Sprouted Grains: barley, oats, wheat, rye, corn.
Legumes: peas, beans, peanuts.
Fungus: mushroom
Sprouted Grains: barley, oats, wheat, rye, sorghum, and corn,
Microgreen: amaranth, arugula, celery, alfalfa, clover.
Fungus: mushroom
Number of Planting Layers:11 layers9 layers
Planting Layer Spacing:18 cm24 cm
Yield ReferenceFodder barley production 7700kg
1500kg per weekday
Fodder barley production 6300kg
1200kg per weekday
CONFORMITYThese 2 fodder machines are essentially the same except for the planting area, and the other auxiliary equipment is the same, regardless of quantity or quality.
Including the shipping container size, control system, environmental control system, irrigation system, temp control system, environmental monitoring equipment, sterilization equipment, etc.

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Please determine the order quantity of the fodder system according to the number of your livestock, and the detailed equipment composition information is included in the quotation.


How Does HC Fodder Machine Work?

Equipment Display


Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

The production area is designed with a fully customized structure, which not only ensures the max seedling area, but also ensures the rationality and beauty of each equipment.

Planting Racks - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Planting Racks

Grow Lights - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Grow Lights

air cycle - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Air Cycle

Irrigation sprayer - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Irrigation Sprayer

Water Tank - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Water Tank

Fodder Tray - Hydroponic Fodder Production Device

Fodder Tray

Fodder Machine Control System

The control system is integrated at the back end of the fodder machine and separated from the planting area, which can not only avoid water vapor erosion, increase the service life, but also facilitate operation and maintenance.

Fodder Machine Control System hydroponic shipping container farms

Automatic Fodder System Controller

Siemens industrial control integrated machine is adopted, which integrates temperature and humidity data monitoring, and automatic setting of air conditioners, air circulation systems, LED growing lights, ozone equipment, irrigation systems, and other equipment.

Fodder Solution - Hydroponic fodder system controller - fodder machine control system

The Controller Instruction

Although the operating parameters are preset for each ordered fodder system, you only need to start the operation, but we still provide you with a detailed instruction manual to help you understand the operation mode of the fodder machine.


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Before all machines leave the warehouse, we will carry out comprehensive multiple inspections.

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Even if any unexpected situation occurs, we can also intervene remotely to solve your worries.

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