Hydroponic Grow Tent For Sale

SMALL GROW TENT – 2 plant grow tent

COMMON GROW TENT – 4 plant grow tent

LARGE GROW TENT – 8 plant grow tent




HC Hydroponic Grow Tent

The hydroponic tent features a sturdy, assemblable metal tube frame construction, easy to install, and can be dismantled or moved to another place at any time.

The outside is made of 600D oxford fabric ( This fabric has excellent abrasion and tear resistance and is also commonly used in luggage. If a large grow room, 1000D, 1200D will be used ). So, HC hydroponic tent is strong enough, wear-resistant enough, waterproof, and the display effect is good.

The material of the tent inside is made of mylar, which has good air tightness, and heat preservation, and can improve the light intensity and reflection. Air is supplied to the tent and circulated through dedicated openings, otherwise, it is not allowed to pass through other gaps in the tent, allowing you to avoid smelling any outside.

Air is supplied to the tent and circulated through dedicated openings, In addition to not allowing it to pass through other gaps in the grow tent, allowing you to avoid smelling any odors outside.

40x40x120 grow tent16x16x48 grow tent1.3×1.3×4 grow tent
40x40x140 grow tent16x16x56 grow tent1.3×1.3×4.7 grow tent
50x50x100 grow tent20x20x40 grow tent1.7×1.7×3.3 grow tent
50x50x140 grow tent20x20x56 grow tent1.7×1.7×4.7 grow tent
60x60x60 grow tent24x24x24 grow tent2x2x2 grow tent
60x60x90 grow tent24x24x36 grow tent2x2x4 grow tent
60x60x120 grow tent24x24x48 grow tent2x2x4 grow tent
60x60x140 grow tent24x24x56 grow tent2x2x4.7 grow tent
60x60x150 grow tent24x24x60 grow tent2x2x5 grow tent
60x60x160 grow tent24x24x64 grow tent2x2x5.3 grow tent
60x60x180 grow tent24x24x64 grow tent2x2x6 grow tent
60x90x180 grow tent24x36x72 grow tent2x3x6 grow tent
60x120x120 grow tent24x48x48 grow tent2x4x4 grow tent
60x120x150 grow tent48x24x60 grow tent2x4x5 grow tent
60x120x180 grow tent24x48x72 grow tent2x4x6 grow tent
60x120x200 grow tent24x48x80 grow tent2x4x6.7 grow tent
60x120x210 grow tent24x48x84 grow tent2x4x7 grow tent
60x120x240 grow tent24x48x96 grow tent2x4x8 grow tent
60x180x180 grow tent24x72x72 grow tent2x6x6 grow tent
70x70x160 grow tent28x28x64 grow tent2.3×2.3×5.3 grow tent
80x80x160 grow tent32x32x64 grow tent2.7×2.7×5.3 grow tent
80x80x180 grow tent32x32x72 grow tent2.7×2.7×6 grow tent
90x50x155 grow tent36x20x62 grow tent3×1.7×5.2 grow tent
90x90x60 grow tent36x36x24 grow tent3x3x2 grow tent
90x90x90 grow tent36x36x36 grow tent3x3x3 grow tent
90x90x120 grow tent36x36x48 grow tent3x3x4 grow tent
90x90x150 grow tent36x36x60 grow tent3x3x5 grow tent
90x90x180 grow tent36x36x72 grow tent3x3x6 grow tent
90x90x210 grow tent36x36x84 grow tent3x3x7 grow tent
90x180x180 grow tent36x72x72 grow tent3x6x6 grow tent
100x100x180 grow tent40x40x72 grow tent3.3×3.3×6 grow tent
100x100x200 grow tent40x40x80 grow tent3.3×3.3×6.7 grow tent
120x120x150 grow tent48x48x60 grow tent4x4x5 grow tent
120x120x180 grow tent48x48x72 grow tent4x4x6 grow tent
120x120x195 grow tent48x48x78 grow tent4x4x6.5 grow tent
120x120x200 grow tent48x48x80 grow tent4x4x6.7 grow tent
120x120x210 grow tent48x48x84 grow tent4x4x7 grow tent
120x120x240 grow tent48x48x96 grow tent4x4x8 grow tent
120x180x180 grow tent48x72x72 grow tent4x6x6 grow tent
120x240x180 grow tent96x48x72 grow tent4x8x6 grow tent
120x240x240 grow tent48x96x96 grow tent4x8x8 grow tent
150x80x200 grow tent60x32x80 grow tent5×2.7×6.7 grow tent
150x150x150 grow tent60x60x60 grow tent5x5x5 grow tent
150x150x180 grow tent60x60x72 grow tent5x5x6 grow tent
150x150x200 grow tent60x60x80 grow tent5x5x6.7 grow tent
150x150x210 grow tent60x60x84 grow tent5x5x7 grow tent
150x150x240 grow tent60x60x96 grow tent5x5x8 grow tent
180x180x180 grow tent72x72x72 grow tent6x6x6 grow tent
195x195x195 grow tent78x78x78 grow tent6.5×6.5×6.5 grow tent
200x100x200 grow tent80x40x80 grow tent6.7×3.3×6.7 grow tent
200x200x200 grow tent80x80x80 grow tent6.7×6.7×6.7 grow tent
240x120x195 grow tent96x48x78 grow tent8x4x6.5 grow tent
240x120x200 grow tent96x48x80 grow tent8x4x6.7 grow tent
240x240x200 grow tent96x96x80 grow tent8x8x6.7 grow tent
240x240x240 grow tent96x96x96 grow tent8x8x8 grow tent
300x150x200 grow tent120x60x80 grow tent10x5x6.7 grow tent
300x300x200 grow tent120x120x80 grow tent10x10x6.7 grow tent
300x300x240 grow tent120x120x96 grow tent10x10x8 grow tent

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    Multi Chamber Grow Tent


    Sealed Viewing Window of Hydroponic Tent

    Sealed Viewing Window

    Two-way Zipper

    Two-way Zipper

    Grid Ventilation Window of Hydroponic Tent

    Grid Ventilation Window

    Tube & Line Channel of Grow Tent Inner Side

    Tube & Line Channel Inner Side

    Tube & Line Channel of Grow Tent Outside

    Tube & Line Channel Outside

    ABS Corner Joint of tent shelf

    ABS Corner Joint

    Bearing Hook For Indoor Grow Tent Kit

    Bearing Hook

    Steel Tube Frame

    Steel Tube Frame

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    You will get the most convenient grow tent deal services, like the single, dual(2 in 1 grow tent), and (3 in 1 grow tent or more grow tent combo) multi chamber grow tent with everything included, which are the grow tent system kit of fully equipped inside.

    Not only can it meet your needs for growing vegetables, tomatoes, seedlings, orchids, or nepenthes, herbs, cannabis, etc., but also according to your specific needs, or usage scenarios indoors (garage, closet, basement, attic, bedroom, wardrobe, roof, even the outdoor) custom matching.

    Want to use a more complete hydroponic grow tent system? Maybe you can try our hydroponic growing box (superposable), or indoor grow cabinet (especially suitable for home seedling & vegetable growing).


    Complete Hydroponic Grow Tent Kits For Sale

    The main advantage of the hydroponic tent is that it is not affected by the external environment and location, it is easier to control the growth of seedlings, and it can be easily disassembled and moved.

    HC offers a full range of hydroponic tent grow systems kits, custom-fitted to different sizes, so you no longer have to design your own home mini-greenhouse, keep finding the necessary parts, cut off ventilation, or other openings, and get confused about how to equip shades when seedling or planting.

    And one-stop shopping can completely help you solve all climate, temperature, humidity, and light conditions in different planting stages, such as germination; seedling; plant growth, flowering, and fruiting.

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