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Home Vertical Hydroponics Tower

Home hydroponic tower for sale, small size, but the output is good, easy to move and manage.
Great equipment for hydroponic farming at home for beginners.

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Get The Best Vertical Hydroponic Tower System

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The complete vertical hydroponic tower system for home gardens. PVC material, durable and high yield, can be used for indoor and outdoor hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, lettuce, herbs, strawberries, etc.

Each tower area is less than 1 square meter. But usually we are accustomed to calculating the output according to one hydroponic tower per square meter, so that the actual output will not be less than estimated. And can provide you with specific data quickly.

If you want to grow it commercially such as in indoor farms or greenhouses, this garden tower is good. It can be hung vertically, and because of its smaller diameter, it is ideal for tight growing spaces.



Vertical Hydroponic Tower For Sale

The advantages of the hydroponic tower are very obvious, it can help the roots of the plants get more oxygen and less water nutrient consumption. This means that it can help you save water, and it can effectively prevent plant root rot, saving more planting costs and technical requirements.

Moreover, the growth cycle of plants grown in hydroponics is shorter than that of traditional agriculture, and the average growth rate can be increased by 1.5 to 2 times. And it is not polluted by bacteria or heavy metals in the soil, and the nutrition is more even.

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How to Make This Hydroponic System at Home?

How to Make This Hydroponic System at Home

The components of this home hydroponic tower are compact, modular, and simple in structure. Not only is it easy to install, but the package is smaller, which helps reduce shipping costs and shipping. Available for any quantity.

Each layer of the tower body is made of complete mold, and it is very easy to install each layer like building blocks. Connect each layer through the center rod, fix it, and finally snap the hidden slot on the top to complete the installation.

How Does A Hydroponic Grow Tower System Work?

Hydroponic tower system for design HC supplier

That is a high-pressure water pump feeds the nutrient solution to the top of the hydroponic tower and then penetrates it layer by layer down to a storage container at the bottom, and provides this to the planting hole on each layer.

If a higher-cost atomization system is used, the entire space in the tower can be filled with water vapor through the atomizing nozzle, and at this time, it becomes an aeroponic tower. However, if the space of the tower is not too large, or the vegetables are not demanding on the humidity and water supply environment. It’s enough with hydroponics.

Want To Start A Small Tower Farm?


◈  Ideal for small hydroponic farms.

Although the diameter of this planter tower is small, it can be arranged more closely and is lighter in weight. Ideal for small-scale hydroponic farming. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in hydroponic greenhouses.

Adopt a suspended vertical growth tower.

This hydroponic system structure design will save more on construction costs. This is because repeated installations of waterways, pumps, and hydroponic LED grow lights will be greatly reduced.

If you need to plant in an indoor farm, because the LED grow lights are fixed, you only need to add a rotating motor to rotate the planting tower to ensure that each plant can receive even light.


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If you already have an idea, site, and planting needs, just let us know. It can be converted into the corresponding planning map for you. It’s all free support until you order.

Based on your planting environment, scale, crop types, and other information, we will estimate the annual output for you, as well as the corresponding purchase cost.

Compared with traditional agriculture, vertical hydroponic farms can greatly improve the utilization rate of vertical space, and increase the yield of greenhouse or indoor farming of the same area several times or even ten times.


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