Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

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Indoor Grow Box

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Indoor Farming At Home

HC hydroponic indoor farming system, complete hydroponic grow kits, reasonable price, You can choose our finished products, or customize the size with the complete system according to your actual needs. I believe they can meet your various planting needs. Oh right. Don’t forget our garden tower farming yet.

Make Easy Your Hydroponic Indoor Farming At Home!

The beauty of HC indoor hydroponic systems is that they are full-featured, easy-to-operate, vertical soilless farming at home, and they can be customized flexibly. Although it occupies a small space, the output of food is sufficient, and can always meet the daily consumption of a family.

I’m pretty sure that you can use these complete indoor hydroponic systems to grow any plants you want, such as various vegetables, fruits, edible fungi, herbs, etc., as long as it is not a tree. What’s more worth mentioning is that almost all growing systems are of modular design, just arrange or stack them, and you can build a small scale vertical farm in your living room, kitchen, or backyard vertical farming at home.

Hydroponics What Can You Grow

Leaf vegetables plants - hydroponics china
  • Leaf-vegetable
Fruit vegetables plants - hydroponics china
  • Fruit-vegetable
Fungus hydroponic planting - hydroponics china
  • Fungus

Bulb vegetables plants - hydroponics china
  • Bulb Vegetable

Root Vegetables planting on hydroponic indoor farming at home
  • Root-vegetable

Microgreen plants - hydroponics china
  • Microgreen


hydroponic grow cabinet - indoor farming at home hydroponicschina

Hydroponic Grow Cabinet For Sale

Standardized, automated indoor vertical growing system for the home garden. Usually, we provide standard sizes as length of 850mm, width 360mm, height 1800mm.

  • 4 layers, each layer has 20 planting holes, and each hydroponic cabinet can grow 80 plants.
  • 2 LED grow lights on each layer, full spectrum, to meet the photosynthesis needs of various vegetables.
  • Confined spaces can maintain sufficient temperature & humidity, and prevent pests.

Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

  • Equipped with an automatic water circulation and water temperature control system.
  • The air system equipped on the side, can maintain the airflow in the device and stabilize the temp and humidity.
  • The power, lights, water, fans, etc. of the system can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone.

If you want to change the height, size, or spacing of the cabinets to accommodate larger plants, please let me know.

Hydroponic Farming At Home By Indoor Grow Cabinet

When you go to the supermarket and get your 500th lettuce, The money you spend that can probably buy a grow cabinet. Annual output 1,360 plants.

hydroponic farming at home by indoor grow cabinet
the confined space of hydroponic cabinet
hydroponic grow cabinet indoor farming
indoor greenhouse cabinet with lights - HC
cabinet for indoor plants - HC Hydroponics
the fan of indoor grow cabinet
Complete Grow Box HC Vertical Famring At HomeComplete Grow Box HC Indoor Famring At Home

Indoor Grow Box For Sale

Hydroponic Grow Box For Sale - Hydroponics China Indoor Farming At HomeStandardized, automated indoor grow box system for indoor vertical farming.

The standard product sizes:

It is designed for vertical farming at home, with enough height and capacity to hold 12 hydroponic buckets at the same time.

Get Your Complete Grow Box

Fully enclosed box to keep the temp and humidity stable. Equipped with full-spectrum LED grow lights, air circulation fans, and a convenient control panel that can control all functions of the system, including the light source and temperature sensing, timing, automation, etc.

Or, maybe a big one, the shipping container grow box.

Hydroponic Setup At Home

Hydroponic Setup At Home HC Farming
Hydroponic Setup At Home HC Farming China
Automated Hydroponic Grow Box Control System HC
Indoor Plant Grow Box ventilation
Hydroponic Grow Box With Lights HC
Hydroponic Urban Farming At Home HC


Home Grow Tent
Home Grow Tent For Sale HC
Vertical Farming At Home
Vertical Farming At Home HC
Soilless Farming At Home
Soilless Farming At Home HC
Strawberry Farming At Home
Strawberry Farming At Home HC
Hydroponic Tomatoes At Home
Hydroponic Tomatoes Farming At Home HC

Before The Order For The Indoor Farming System


Any of your questions can be answered by communicating with us by email, video conference, or live demonstration.


Whether it is a home or commercial purchase, you can start ordering from one complete or not hydroponic grow system.


Direct factory, reasonable price, and if you have any reasonable custom needs, we will help you to complete free.

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