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NFT hydroponic system that is uses the nutrient film technique for hydroponic planting.

This is one of the earliest hydroponic growing techniques. It has low technical requirements, is easy to build and manage, and has a wide range of applications. Especially for planting leafy vegetables, it has the characteristics of simple planting, high space utilization rate, and fast plant growth rate. It is also more suitable for novices to learn how to grow hydroponic systems.

In the actual planting process, HC will provide support fully, set up the operating parameters of various auxiliary equipment for you, and tell you their uses and principles. Before this, we will carry out detailed planning and design according to your actual planting area, confirming the location, environment, crops, and input costs, etc., to provide you with the best quality, low energy consumption, and high efficiency NFT growing system.

What is NFT Hydroponic System

How to building and use the NFT hydroponic systems

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NFT is a kind of hydroponics method with various manifestations. It can be used indoors or outdoors, expand the planting area by vertical, or use plates as planting other than tubes and so on.

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HC Other Popular Types of Hydroponic NFT Systems

Flexibly Assembled Vertical NFT System

By using vertical space, you can increase production by 30% to more than 50%.

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Vertical NFT System Multi-layer LED

pvc nft hydroponics system vertical hydroponic growing system

Vertical NFT System A-Frame

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A Frame NFT System

indoor nft hydroponics system Small hydroponics China

Very suitable for use in basements, balconies, houses, and other indoor places. This is very convenient for users with small planting areas and can be highly customized.

Indoor NFT Hydroponics System details plant holes
Indoor NFT Hydroponics System details plant holes HC

Do You Have A Hydroponic NFT Project We Can Help With?

Why Choose HC NFT Growing System

Customized Design

Free hydroponic system design, hydroponic farm planning, customized transformation and upgrades that meet actual needs.

Complete System

The hydroponic equipment provided by Hydropnics China can meet the needs of almost all farm operators or household users.

Rich Experience

HC has participated in and served many hydroponics project for students, balconies, gardens, roofs, greenhouses, farms, etc.

Local Support

In addition to providing necessary tutorials, we help you to quickly solve the problems of pre-planning and after-sales service locally.

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How To Get Your Systems

Please offer your basic information and requirements.
Such as the planting site, area, what crops need to be cultivated, etc.

We will recommend a suitable hydroponic system for you based on the actual situation, as well as professional planning, drawings, and help you quickly understand the building cost.

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