The Vertical Grow Tower Systems

All three plant towers can be used in a home garden, hydroponic greenhouse, or indoor farm.
If you have any wholesale grow tower needs, we will provide you with a few towers as samples order and support mixed.
Or if you want to build your own vertical tower farm, you will get free planning and design support, with detailed yield and cost assessment.

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Understand HC Vertical Plant Tower System

Do you know that the essential difference between these 3 plant towers is the area occupied, the max number of plants planted, and the selection of planted crops? There are no strict restrictions on the choice of hydroponics or aeroponics technology for the vertical growing tower itself.

There is no doubt that the aeroponic tower needs to add an atomization spray device, so the price will be higher than that of the plant tower that used hydroponics.

If you need a better spraying effect to grow those delicate crops and don’t worry about the cost increase, then it is very good to choose aeroponics technology. But what, the planting effect of hydroponic towers is also very good. As long as the speed and volume of water flow are well controlled, sufficient humidity is maintained, and appropriate temperature is maintained, satisfactory vegetables can be grown.


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Vertical Garden Tower For Sale

It is certain that is the most popular vertical planting tower.
A classic multi-level planting structure that can fit into planting holes for a variety of vegetables. Complete accessory package option. Customized production upgrade. You can start your hydroponic farming at home with the lowest 6-layer structure garden tower.

Vertical tower farms system up to 16 layers above, automatic control, one-stop service to help you solve all problems about tower farming, including a greenhouse.

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Home Hydroponic Tower For Sale

Home hydroponic tower, a good friend for beginners in hydroponic farming.
Small size, light weight, sufficient output, modular assembly, convenient transportation. The most important thing is that it can also grow a lot of vegetables, and because there are only 4 planting holes in each layer, it can provide enough growth space for large vegetables or fruits.

For small-scale greenhouses or long, narrow growing spaces, switching to hanging vertical grow towers is great.

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Vertical Aeroponic Tower For Sale

The prolific ones in the tower gardens system, and the towers that most commonly use aeroponics technology, which is also called the pineapple tower because of its shape.

The vertical aeroponic tower can also use hydroponics technology, but the cost of the mist cultivation device is higher than hydroponics, the diameter of the pineapple tower is relatively large, and the water mist can fill the entire space inside the tower to maintain stable humidity and sufficient oxygen content. So it is often used for aeroponic farming.


Build a smart Vertical Grow Tower farms

   All it takes is 10% of your time and effort   


Which Is Better Hydroponics or Aeroponic Farming?

> The cost of aeroponic devices is higher than hydroponics.
> Water-atomizing can maintain a relatively balanced humidity & O2 content. But hydroponics is not bad.
> Maintenance of hydroponic plant towers is simpler.
> Hydroponic irrigation is suitable for tower farms with higher vertical heights.
> Usually, both ways are great for vertical farming at home

Whether it is hydroponic grow tower farming or aeroponic farming, we can provide you with the technical and equipment support of tower farms. You can get with the cost structure, estimate the project’s annual output and expenditure, and other data.

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