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Know More About The Commercial Seedling Trays For Sale

The seedling tray is an important part of hydroponics planting, and the seedling is one of the first factors that determine the quality of planting results. In modern agriculture, more and more out-of-season vegetables need to be grown indoors or in greenhouses using seedling trays. This is a very popular home and commercial growing tray.

That is because of the many manpower, planting, and space advantages of using the seedling growing trays.

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HC Seedling Trays For Sale Detail

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How To Use Seedling Trays

A few tips you should know before using the plastic seed trays

How Do Choose The Seed Growing Trays?

The growth of seedlings is greatly affected by the volume of the module.
Consideration should be given to seed size, type, and characteristics of the plant, the volume of finished seedlings, etc.
For example, if the seedling stage is long ( like the tree, sunflower, tomato, and so on ), large and deep seed trays should be selected, and they also need to be strong and durable; otherwise, a small seed tray should be used.
> If you have a large greenhouse area but insufficient production capacity, consider using high-quality seed trays with larger holes
> If you are new to seedling trays and the seeding technology is not yet mature, you should also choose a tray with larger holes first, because the smaller the holes in the tray, the more difficult the management and the more likely to have problems with the seedlings (for example, the substrate A slight fluctuation in the moisture, nutrients, oxygen, EC, PH value, etc., will cause fatal damage to the seedlings)

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What Types of Seed Planting Trays Are There?

Seedling Holes Shape: Square, Round, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Star, and other shapes, and squares are the most used, lower cost, bigger volume, The flat bottom allows the water to be distributed more evenly, the root system of the seedlings is more fully developed.

  • Colors: Black and white, etc.
  • Material: Plastic ( PS, PP, PET ), Styrofoam, etc.
  • Profile: Deep, Shallow, Flat, Sturdy, Reusable, etc.
  • Special: Heavy-duty Plug Insert Trays ( It’s often used for the cultivation of saplings because it is deep enough and strong enough ).
  • The Microgreen Trays without holes, flat bottom ( this type generally does not need a substrate, it is the most commonly used hydroponic tray for germination plants, such as rice, sprouts, fodder, etc.)
  • Commercial Seedling Trays, After the training seedling stage, are sold with the seed germination tray, which can be used for the seedling raising of vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, tobacco, tomato, sweet pea, sunflower, succulent, rice, papaya, microgreen, lavender, fodder, flower, and so on.

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