Hydroponic Shipping Container Farms

20ft Shipping Container Farms - Hydroponics ChinaThe shipping container vertical farm actually is a small greenhouse with a complete hydroponic system, but more strong and which can cope with many complex climates and environments. That is one of the solutions by people to deal with land desertification, lack of water resources, or lack of land.

You can be growing mushrooms, sprouts, vegetables, fodder ( corn, wheat, barley grass), weed, herb, and ginseng, etc. in shipping containers.

The advantages of our shipping container agriculture: complete system, simple operation, remote monitoring, automatic control, flexible customization.

The container farm you received is assembled, no need to install it again, just connect the water and electricity to start work.

Meet Our Most Popular Shipping Container Farms

Used for the cultivation of various hydroponic fodder

40ft Shipping Container Farms - Hydroponics China
type of hydroponic system container fodder system for sale
Type Reference by Fodder SystemDaily OutputSizeTrays QTY
20 Feet Container Farm500 kg6.1×2.3×2.4m250
40 Feet Container Farm1000-1500 kg12.8×2.5×2.9m500-800

  • Obtain a fully functional shipping container hydroponic farm by modifying the freezer.
  • It is most suitable for growing various hydroponic fodders, such as Barley Grass, Wheat Seedling, Maize, Alfalfa, Sprouts, and so on.
  • The final container farm system you received is fully assembled, it only needs to be connected to water and electricity to work after placing in the designated location.


shipping container hydroponic farm growing leaf vegetables HC
tomato cucumber growing in shipping container farms hydroponics china HC
shipping container grow room hydroponics vegetable growing system
strawberry growing in shipping containers hydroponicschina
hydroponics shipping container farms for sale growing tomato strawberry cucumber
Hydroponic mushroom shipping container farming hydroponics china
hydroponic microgreen shipping container system
hydroponic fodder container farms - HC fodder growing system

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Why Choose HC Hydroponic Container System

Customized Design

Free hydroponic system design, hydroponic farm planning, customized transformation and upgrades that meet actual needs.

Complete System

The hydroponic equipment provided by Hydropnics China can meet the needs of almost all farm operators or household users.

Rich Experience

HC has participated in and served many hydroponics project for students, balconies, gardens, roofs, greenhouses, farms, etc.

Local Support

In addition to providing necessary tutorials, we help you to quickly solve the problems of pre-planning and after-sales service locally.

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Custom Design Plan

Hydroponic Shipping Container Project Case Design

automatic-hydroponic-fodder-machine-manufacturer-hydroponics-china farming

Here, I will show you some design cases of hydroponic containers, which are all completed according to the actual needs and conditions of customers, such as choosing different hydroponic systems, equipment components, and hardware settings such as plant growth lights according to the types of crops to be planted.
Or adjust the parameters of the control system according to the type of cultivation to design an efficient operating system. We have rich experience in dealing with drought, lack of hydropower, severe cold, and other environments.

In addition, we control every small link, from cost and quality control, procurement, installation, etc., to provide professional services and respond quickly.

Why can some hydroponic container farms have such a low cost?

The normal one is caused that technology is low and functional equipment. So the stability of your planting cannot be guaranteed, more troublesome for management.
Another, some suppliers will remove a few necessary parts to reduce costs, such as the aluminum plate at the bottom of the container, or use the shelf of poor quality, this will greatly reduce the service life of it. How to identify it? You can jump or step on it.

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How To Get Your Systems

Please offer your basic information and requirements.
Such as the planting site, area, what crops need to be cultivated, etc.

We will recommend a suitable hydroponic system for you based on the actual situation, as well as professional planning, drawings, and help you quickly understand the building cost.

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