Main Types of Hydroponic System

6 Types of Hydroponic Systems

There are 6 main categories of hydroponic systems, that are popular for people. But there are many different types of hydroponics equipment for different plants growing.

6 types of hydroponic systems hydroponics china

Are you looking for the best type of hydroponic system? If you’re not sure how to choose the right hydroponic system, ask for honest feedback from trusted friends, colleagues, or professionals. Now, Let’s take a look at these hydroponics, and help you understand the difference between systems.

Deep Water Culture: DWC hydroponic systems. The “Hydroponic Bucket System” and “Aquaponics System” are both could use this type of hydroponics cultivation.

Wick System: Planting on the medium. It is a common hydroponic solution in the process of seed to sprouting, and the “Zip Hydroponic Wall System” is the most popular type of hydroponics.

Drip System: One of the most commonly used irrigation methods, which is a relatively mature and low-cost hydroponics planting technology. Frequently used for the big plants, like the “Dutch Bucket System” for tomatoes, and the “A-frame Hydroponic System” for strawberry.

Ebb and Flow System: Also named “Flood and Drain System“. The nutrient and air exchange through regular water injection and drainage. The “Rolling Benches“, “Hydroponic Bucket System“, and “Microgreen System” are both could use this type of hydroponics cultivation.

Aeroponics System: By atomizing water and nutrient solution to planting, the most classic setup is an “Aeroponic Tower or Hydroponic Tower System”. Simple assembly, flexible customization, planting a variety of crops.

Nutrient Film Technique: The “NFT Grow System“. In order to make the water circulate, it must be tilted at a certain angle when building. It’s an excellent system for growing leafy vegetables, and, of course, the “Hydroponic Fodder System” yet.

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